Fawn Lake Trophy Whitetails

Click here for a larger image.    Fawn Lake Trophy Whitetails started when we purchased the ranch. We initiated an intensive feeding and management program at that time. We then started working closely with Mary Humphrey, Wildlife Biologist of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. We began by collecting deer counts and using these counts to calculate harvest recommendations. The recommendations began with fairly simple harvest objectives like spikes, does, and any inferior animals that present themselves. Over the years we made progress and began to see significant results and were able to begin to develop an age structure in our herd as we became more astute in aging deer on the hoof and letting the right bucks mature and develop to their full potential.

Click here for a larger image.    In 2005 we were awarded the Wildlife Conservationist of the year award by the Eldorado Game Association for our progress in Wildlife and deer herd management. In the process we realized that our objectives were changing also as our herd developed and the goals were elevated to the point that we considered and eight point three and a half year old buck inferior so we began harvesting anything that fit that category. We have now developed a herd of whitetail deer that produce a very high percentage of young bucks that are ten points and above.

    Because of our co-operation with the Texas Parks and Wildlife we were able to qualify for a Managed Lands Permit. This further enhanced our ability to do a better job of managing our herd when we needed it.

    We again realized we should modify our goals and that it was time to introduce new genetics into the herd. In early 2007 our objective was to acquire bucks with genetics that would produce mass and length as well and incorporating some drop tine genetics. This we felt would further elevate our herd. In order to accomplish this we purchased three bucks from David Foster of Alba, Texas. The bloodlines he had developed were from a buck named "Vegas". We purchased two sons of "Vegas". A buck named "Scoot", whose sire was "Curley", sired the other buck we purchased. Scoot and Curley are both outstanding bucks with mass as well as the genetic ability to grow drop tines.
Click here for a larger image of Vegas. Click here for a larger image of Vegas. When David delivered the young bucks he had the sheds of "Vegas" on the seat of his pickup. Vegas had just lost them and he had scored the sheds.

They scored 250 6/8's on the Boone & Crockett scale with close to 50 inches of mass.

    We are very excited about the future here at Fawn Lake Trophy Whitetails and we will continue to learn and change our program as we mature and see opportunities to produce trophy quality whitetails and serve the hunting community.

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